Welcome to the ULC Blog

One of my goals as President of the Uniform Law Commission is to improve the internal transparency of the Uniform Law Commission. That is to say, I want to make it easier for our members to follow ULC activity. The digital revolution has made it far easier for us to do this.

To help us achieve this goal we have created a “blog” where members can post relatively brief news items that any member or any other person can access. Those interested will also have the opportunity to sign up to be notified of each new post by email.

I am hoping that this blog will allow ULC Officers, Division Chairs, Committee Chairs, and other members, to provide relevant information on their work. The blog will focus on highlights rather than try to be comprehensive.

I hope that this will expand the ability of members to stay informed and to weigh in on issues between our meetings. That will increase member engagement and improve our decision-making processes.

I hope you enjoy this opportunity to be in closer touch with ULC activities. There is a lot going on!

Rich Cassidy, President, Uniform Law Commission

Welcome to the ULC Blog

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