Looking for Feedback on ULC’s New Tagline

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ULC will soon be rolling out a new website with improved functionality and a more modern design. Part of the modernization of the website includes updating our tagline (the short motto at the top of many pages and marketing materials). According to our graphic design consultants, the ULC’s current tagline, “Diversity of Thought / Uniformity of Law” is too long for a modern attention span.

In September the ULC Website Advisory Committee asked the membership for tagline recommendations via email, and received a total of 89 suggestions. The committee reviewed all recommendations with an eye to find those that best described in four words or less what the ULC does, in a way that would be accessible to someone with no prior knowledge of the organization. The committee distilled this list to two taglines and is recommending the following choices be considered for the new website:

Better Laws. Stronger States.

Making State Law Better.

Now the committee is asking for your feedback on these finalists. The Executive Committee will formally consider recommendations at the Midyear Board Meeting in January. In the meantime, we look to public opinion to help guide the selection process. Please take a moment to reply to this blog post or drop us an email to let us know what you think.

Elizabeth Cotton-Murphy
Chief Administrative Officer, ULC

Looking for Feedback on ULC’s New Tagline