The ULC’s Broad Reach

As I traveled home from this past weekend’s committee meetings in suburban Washington, DC, I was struck by the broad reach of the work of the drafting committee meetings that had just finished.

The Criminal Records Accuracy is dealing with issues that directly affect the 70 to 100 million Americans who have some kind of a criminal record, as well as the entire law enforcement community, and indirectly, all Americans, as we all have an interest in a fair and effective criminal justice system.

The Drafting Committee on a Wage Garnishment Act is working to create a fair and efficient wage withholding system for debt collection, affecting the interests of many millions of American debtors, their employers and creditors.

The Drafting Committee on Divided Trusteeship might sound like a project that affects only the wealthy and the institutions that manage their money. Certainly, the effective management of trusts involves a great deal of capital. But that’s not the whole picture. Even many people with very modest assets may benefit from trusts, as is exemplified by interest in our draft by members of the special needs trust community.

And that’s just the briefest description of the scope of the issues dealt with on a single drafting committee weekend. We are just about half-way through our fall drafting committee season and our pending projects have already touched upon the needs of residents in Indian Country through the Drafting Committee to Amend the Model Tribal Secured Transactions Act and the Drafting Committee on a Tribal Probate Code, the interests of consumers, businesses and state governments through the work of the Drafting Committee to Revise the Unclaimed Property Act, the interests of digital entrepreneurs, consumers and regulators through the work of our Drafting Committee on the Regulation of Virtual Currencies Act and those of children, disabled seniors and others, and their caregivers through the Drafting Committee on the Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act.

Of course, the breadth of the ULC’s efforts is far greater – from the Revised Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, to Social Media Privacy, to the Regulation of Drones — if we look to completed Uniform Acts, those in progress and those that are under study. You can see more at

Many people think of the ULC as a commercial law organization and commercial law has been a critical focus of our activity. But we are much, much more.

Rich Cassidy, President, ULC

The ULC’s Broad Reach

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