Thanks for All You Do

This past weekend we ran our final drafting committee meetings of calendar year 2015 at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago. There is still some work left in this year, including important Editorial Board meetings in December, but we have had a great ULC fall season and our projects seem to be on track for a productive Annual Meeting in Stowe.

The Palmer House was already decked out for the holidays, and the table at our Saturday luncheon meeting for committee and division chairs (which included the leadership of the Joint Editorial Boards for Trust and Estate Acts and International Law as well as the International Legal Developments Committee) looked like a Thanksgiving feast, although it featured chicken not turkey.

So this year, at our actual Thanksgiving celebration, my wife Becky and I will add our ULC family – Commissioners and staff alike – to our list of the blessings of this year for which we are grateful.

Thanks to each of you for all you have done and are doing to make the ULC a successful and important force to improve the law.


Richard T. Cassidy, President, ULC

Thanks for All You Do

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