Regional Legislative Meeting a Success

On January 8, 2016, a delegation of commissioners from the northeastern region met to brainstorm and plot their strategy for the upcoming legislative session. ULC Executive Director Liza Karsai flew out from Chicago to attend the meeting, which was hosted by Commissioners Martin Healy, Edwin Smith, and Stephen Chow at the offices of the Massachusetts Bar Association in Boston. Also present were Commissioner Ted Kramer of Vermont, as well as Commissioners Thomas Hemmendinger, Patrick Guida, and Louise Ellen Teitz from Rhode Island.

A very helpful and enlightening discussion ensued. Each of the delegations discussed their state’s political climate in depth, with comments exchanged on the most effective way to approach the Governor, Speaker of the House, Senate leaders, committee chairs, etc. The four hour meeting concluded with all involved having a better understanding of the political process and how best to achieve legislative success in their respective state capitals.  Thank you to all who participated!

Commissioner Ted Kramer, Vermont

Regional Legislative Meeting a Success

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