2016 Drafting Season is Over

The 2016 drafting committee season is now over. On December 2nd and 3rd, I attended the meetings of our Uniform Commercial Code Committee and of the Permanent Editorial Board for the Uniform Commercial Code in Philadelphia.

Sunset over Philadelphia

These Committees continue to shepherd the signature work of the Conference, the Uniform Commercial Code. Under the leadership of Commissioner Carl Bjerre of Oregon, work continues on the identification and republication of an “Official Text” of the Code. The Committees also reviewed the present status of the articles of the Code to assess whether the time for modernization or revision has arrived. Have you ever considered whether we need to continue UCC Articles 10 and 11, the transitional articles? Well, your Committees have. (And so far the answer is still, “yes.”)

We also reviewed the status of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s effort to draft a federal statute for a national mortgage registry and of our complementary efforts to modernize UCC Articles 1, 3 and 9 to provide for electronic residential mortgage notes and for a state law based residential mortgage note registry.

On Saturday December 3rd, the last meeting of the season, the Joint Editorial Board for Uniform Trust and Estate Acts occurred in Chicago. Since the Conference does not yet own a Star Trek-style transporter machine, I did not attempt to make that meeting. (A transporter machine for the ULC heads my Christmas wish list!).

Speaking of meetings and travel, your leadership team, Executive Committee Chair Anita Ramasastry, Vice-President Melissa Hortman, Treasurer Tom Buiteweg, Secretary Dan Robbins, Division Chairs H. Lane Kneedler, Cam Ward, Bill Barrett, Nora Winkelman, Pam Bertani, and John McGarvey, together with Liza Karsai and members of the ULC staff, covered 10 different drafting or editorial board meetings, in Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Louisville during the second half of this year. They helped to coordinate the work of our many committees. Thanks to all of them and to the Committee chairs, reporters and members for advancing our work.

Your leadership team is now preparing the last details (primarily budgetary) before the Scope and Program and Executive Committees meet in January in Point Clear, Alabama at the ULC’s midyear meeting. Then it is on to our spring drafting committee meetings and the 2017 Annual Meeting in San Diego, July 14 through 20, 2017. Although it is snowing as I write, I can almost feel the warm Southern California sun!


Richard T. Cassidy, President, Uniform Law Commission

2016 Drafting Season is Over